UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

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Bio-C Bilirubin in CSF system
Concentration calculation
From 0 to 10 standards with interpolations. Graphic calibration curve management.


                                        UVI Line 9100             UVI Line 9400
Wavelength range                                         320-1100nm               190-1100nm
Light Sources                                            halogen                      Xenon
Optical Resolution                                                              4nm                              
Incremental WL step                                             Reading: 0.1nm - setting: 1nm                  
WL accuracy                                                           +/- 1nm               
WL Repeatability                                                          +/1 0.2nm            
Absorbance range                                                          +/-3.300                    
Absorbance resolution                                                             0.001                
Absorbance accuracy                                             0.3% or 0.003 Abs<0.600 Abs                  
Baseline Repeatability                                                      +/-0.010 Abs              
Scanning speed                                                  Low - Medium - Fast              
Update                                                       Via USB port                   
Interface                                             1 USB-A, USB-B, 1 RS232C                 
IP Standard                                  IP 30 with drain in the sample compartment
Power supply                                                 110-220V 50/60Hz
Temperature                          Use: 10 - 35 degrees C / Storage: -25 to 65 degress C
Dynamic graphic curve display, graphic management: zoom, sloop calculation, current Abs.
Spectrum scanning
Dynamic graphic curve display, graphic management: zoom, derivative, current Abs, peaks and valleys.
Multi wavelength
Up to 10 Wavelength results formula.
GLP compliant
User login with 3 levels.
Storage capacity
Internal: 100 methods / 30 graphics / 1000 results.    USB key: limited to the key size.