UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

UVI LIGHT PC The Uvi Light UV/VIS Spectrophotometer models offer great flexibilty with performance..  

Two Configurations
Uvi Light has a wavelength 190 nm to 900 nm with a fixed 2nm bandpass. The Uvi Light can be used for an extensive range of applications in education, life sciences, industry, environment, food and beverage, pharmacy or chemistry.
Application Flexibility
Each Uvi Light is able to perform Abs and %T, concentration, kinetics, multi-wavelengths and DNA / RNA studies. Uvi Light XTW can also perform full range spectrum scan measurements and easily handle advanced calculations on curves.
UVI LIGHT XS    Uvi Light XS
   Uvi Light XS is a reliable and easy-to-use spectrophotometer and is ideally suited for standard
   measurements in routine analysis.








External Software
Uvi Light series spectrophotometers can be PC driven with Windows LabPower software for efficient data transfer and an easier post-processing of your results
Other products
Bio-C Bilirubin in CSF system
Uvi Light XTW
Uvi Light XTW has a large colour touch sensitive display. The XTW offers advanced proramming
options with on board labPower software.