UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

High Security Level
Only Administrators have access to the security settings for Options, Backup and Login. The software automatically checks for serial number and instrument type at every start-up. Group definitions allow data to be filtered for display according to the logged-on users.

The UV VISion & UV VISion Pharma 21CFR Part 11 compliant software are available as an option for the UVIKON XS and XL spectrophotometers .

The software supports all common UV/VIS methods including both multiple activity calculations within a run and multi-wavelength kinetic capabilities using an automatic cell changer.
The possibility to include control of external autosamplers for fully automated analysis of large batches of samples is also available and can be configured to suit the type of sampler and customer requirements.

Fully compliant with 21CFR Part 11 Rules
Access rights and user permissions are defined by the administrator in a controlled security area. Methods and acquisition reports are maintained under strict revision control. Configurable audit trail for complete history tracing including a deleted report trail.

Electronic Signature
Reports can be formally signed with an electronic signature provided appropriate rights have been assigned. Once signed the report is frozen and cannot be modified as required under 21CFR Part 11 rules. All signed reports carry appropriate labels on any printed documents for easy identification.

Kinetics calculations are performed automatically. Region over which the calculation is performed can be adjusted by cursor control
Available Methods
Fixed Wavelength Data in Absorbance units,%T, & Concentration with factor
Wavelength Program Data acquisition at between 2 and 14 wavelengths at high slew speeds
Wavelength Scan Spectral acquisition
Time Drive Acquisition of kinetic data over user defined time intervals.
Auto Rate Assay Acquisition of kinetic data for multiple samples using a cell changer. Measurements within the same run but at different wavelengths are also supported.
Calculation Modes Enzyme activities with regression, calibration, curve factors, derivatives, wavelength ratios, wavelength differences, blank subtraction.
Other Functions
Cursor Selectable cursor for curves with real time display of co-ordinate value.
Zoom Zooming permanently active in curve displays via mouse.
Peak detection Peak detection for peaks, valleys or both with selectable sensitivity threshold
Security functions
System access Only users with administrator rights can access the system security settings for defining users etc.
User access Password and user name are required to log onto the system. Individual user rights must be first defined by the administrator.
Groups Users may be assigned to groups by the administrator. Users within a group have access to all data generated by that group.
Revision control All methods and reports are maintained under strict revsion control.
Audit trail Configurable audit trail tracks all events including deleted reports
Electronic Signature Reports can be signed by users with the assigned rights, eg. approval. These reports are then locked and cannot be changed.
All specifications may be subject to change for technical reasons.
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