UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

True Symmetrical Double-Beam Optics
The UVIKON optical design features true symmetrical double-beam optics using a single chopper wheel and detector. The speed of rotation of the chopper wheel allows for a measurement every 10 milliseconds on both the sample and reference channels.
This means that effectively all measurements are made in real time against the reference thus providing maximum confidence in the measured result.

High Energy Throughput
The UVIKON uses a high-efficiency grating designed by Zeiss for maximum energy throughput. This, combined with the specially designed high-speed grating drive motor, results in precise measured data not compromised by noise.
Large Sample Compartment
Total and easy access to the large sample compartment (140 mm deep, 332 mm wide and 162 mm high) with 120 mm beam separation provides for ease-of-use and great flexibility.

" Quick-Lock" Positioning
The three-point "Quick-Lock" positioning of accessories gives high reproducibility of results and also allows for fast exchange of accessories whenever required

Protected Optics Area
Quartz windows at the entrance and exit points to the sample compartment prevent contamination of the optics area. The complete optical system is sealed against atmospheric contamination by dust and/or volatile sample compounds.
Thermally Isolated Lamp Housing
External positioning of the light source bench provides for thermal insulation of the optical bench.
Built-in Accessory Control
The UVIKON comes complete with a built-in accessory controller for control of the accessories, e.g. automated cell changer.

The UVIKON, in combination with the easy to use Windows compatible LabPower software, supports routine and advanced applications. The UVIKON instruments offer true double-beam capability for unsurpassed performance.

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