UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

LabPower is supplied as the standard operating software with either the UVIKON XL or UVIKON XS Spectrophotometers.

Two optional operating software packages are also available: UV VISion and UV VISion Pharma. UV VISion Pharma is
FDA Rule 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Both the UVIKON XS or UVIKON XL can be specified with these optional packages.

LifePower Thermal Melt software for nucleic acid analysis is available as a option.

The LabPower software package provides convenience and exploits a proven easy-to-use software environment for all basic routine applications. Wavelength scanning, fixed wavelength, kinetics and concentration measurements can be performed easily.  


LifePower TM Junior is a software program designed to acquire and store data for the evaluation of the meltpoint of a nucleic acid sample

UV VISion & UV VISion Pharma. These optional software packages are available as options for the UVIKON XS and XL spectrophotometers.The software supports all common UV/VIS methods including both multiple activity calculations within a run and multi-wavelength kinetic capabilities using an automatic cell changer.

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