UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

Prim Function

                                                      Light                        Advanced
Absorbance                                                        Yes                            Yes
% Transmission                                                        Yes                            Yes
Concentration with factor                                                        Yes                            Yes
Concentration with 1 standard                                                        Yes                            Yes
Concentration with 1 to 8 standards                                                         No                             Yes
Kinetics                                                         No                             Yes
Multiwavength                                                         No                             Yes
Spectrum scanning                                                         No                             Yes
Peak and valley detection                                                         No                             Yes
Multi language                                                         Yes                           Yes
Automatic standby                                                         Yes                           Yes
10mm cuvette holder version                                                         Yes                           Yes
50mm cuvette holder version                                                         Yes                           Yes

The Prim range of visible wavevength spectrophotometers combine a high level of performance with a simple user interface.

Absorbance / % Transmittance
Automatic wavelength selection from 330 - 900nm in 1 nm increments
Concentration calculation
Determination using a factor or upto 8 standards of known concentration.
Delta Abs can be displayed for each time increment or total time.
Multi wavelength
Ratio and difference between 2 wavelengths
Other products
Bio-C Bilirubin in CSF system
Spectrum Scan
Wavelength scan data with peak maxima and minima at 1nm intervals (printer required)