UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

LabPower is our Windows based software package. The software is flexible, easy to use yet poweful enough to cope with a wide variety of applications

The software is supplied as a single package. Standard methods include wavelength scanning, fixed wavelength, concentration determination and kinetics.

Wavelength scanning with peak detection. Curves may be overlaid for comparison purposes. The peak positions to gether with the Absorbance is written to the scan. Zoom features allow fine spectral data to be displayed.

The graphical presentation of the data in LabPower is very clear. Data can be exported easily to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation or exported as a bitmap for rapid inclusion into a Microsoft Word document.

Kinetic measurements are simple to perform. Optional automatic cell changers enable the reading of multiple cells. This data is displayed and activity calculations performed. Temperature probes are availble for some models which allow the actual cell content temperature to be displayed.

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